Our professional services focus exclusively on tax issues, giving comprehensive advice, through the formation of interdisciplinary teams whose sole mission is to provide quality services.

Advice to Family Businesses and Major Assets

We know the special idiosyncrasies of family businesses, the problems they have, and we can support them in structuring themselves efficiently, respecting the values and guidelines that the family group has established for their self-government. That is why we can accompany them in the day to day and in the generational changes, preparing options, that respond to the particular needs of the family.
Contact: Pablo Chechilnitzky

Advice to Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs

Incipient businesses require special support, which not only concerns themselves with their present problems, but also with future problems. We have a group of professionals concerned about the development of enterprises, and the problems that affect them. We can accompany them from birth, so that they grow in a healthy and efficient way.
Contact: Pablo Chechilnitzky

Consulting for Large Companies

Large companies have special needs, either because they have supervisory bodies that control or regulate them, or because their executives must respond to a large number of shareholders. Their problems require a high management of the administrative and accounting rules (IFRS).

We can support them with lawyers and auditors, so that their tax decisions comply with the market requirements.
Contact: Alvaro Perez and Soledad Recabarren

Tax Planning for Companies and People

Our tax regulations recognize the option economy, and that is why we can help them to structure their operations in a way that optimizes the tax variable, either at the level of the company or its owners. Creativity and knowledge of different structuring options, allow us to help you, without risking your business.
Contact: Soledad Recabarren and Manuel Montero

Business Restructuring

Recent tax changes lead us to review the structure of business groups, in order to reduce the administrative burden and optimize the tax variable. We have attorneys and tax auditors, and corporate lawyers who can support them in the required changes.
Contact: Manuel Montero and Alvaro Perez

Tax Litigation

In recent years, conflicts with the SII have increased significantly. The average number of judgments favorable to the SII is largely due to the fact that the taxpayer has not had a good defense, which is why a group of lawyers, supported by experience auditors, all dedicated exclusively to litigation, can accompany them in all Judicial instances.
Contact: Luis Felipe Ocampo and Ignacio Iriarte

International Tax Advisory

Transborder operations are frequent occurrences, however, this involves two jurisdictions that must be compatibilized to optimize the tax variable. We have a network of studies that allow us to accompany them, considering both the tax effects in Chile and abroad.
Contact: Pablo Chechilnitzky

Legal and Law Reports

Security against an operation may require legal opinions, or reports in law. The latter are also relevant in defenses in tax litigation, we have professionals with vast experience who can give them the security or the fundamentals to sustain a commercial operation, with complex tax effects.
Contact: Soledad Recabarren and Manuel Montero

Tax Inspection Processes

The new tax legislation has granted the SII a series of inspection powers, which, if not carried out according to the criteria and instructions of the authority, may result in liquidations or judgments, which could be avoided, if it had been carried out An efficient and orderly delivery of information. Our team of auditors and lawyers will accompany you to satisfactorily respond to the requirements of the authority.
Contact: Luis Felipe Ocampo and Ignacio Iriarte

Technical-Tax Analysis

We have a group of lawyers and auditors who can support you in reviewing tax processes, analyzing criteria and making recommendations to give full and correct compliance with the new tax regulations.
Contact: Luis Felipe Ocampo and Ignacio Iriarte

External Tax Office

We have professionals who can carry out tax or tax relief on the ground or with the support of a team of more than 40 professionals who support it in their day to day, in tax matters.
Contact: Alvaro Perez

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