We are a legal firm specialized in the provision of tax consultancy services, based on the delivery of first line legal-tax services to clients seeking trust-based advice.

Recabarren & Asociados offers legal and tax advice to companies and individuals nationally and internationally, including the provision of a high quality service, through highly specialized work teams, trained to respond to each client’s needs.

We believe in our customers. Our motivation is to constitute ourselves in a fundamental pillar of the growth and strengthening of their businesses. We have a deep conviction that the trust and closeness in the professional relationship with each client generates a greater potential in the provision of services.


Recabarren & Asociados form the best professionals to support their clients, establishing training policies and a culture of excellence care. Our hallmark is to assume as our own, through the formation of interdisciplinary teams, the challenges of our clients



We are a new study, born in December of 2014, that left with only 4 people, in the living room of the house of one of the partners. This study was created because we wanted to work in a place where we felt comfortable and happy, providing quality services.
Our first offices allowed for quick interaction between professionals, creating a pleasant work environment.

Among the parameters of selection of professionals, both online and administration, seeks to find people who create teams, are collaborative, and think about the welfare of the group over personal well-being.

Each month that passed we grew a little more, and that is why, in June 2016, we moved to our current office, Alcántara 107, bordering the 50 professionals at that time.

Today we are 38 lawyers, 5 auditors and administrative professionals, and we believe that we still need to grow, but not too much.

The partners are those professionals who stand out for their technical skills and business development, this is not a family study, but a study in which meritocracy and professional development.


We are a legal firm, composed of professionals of vast experience, supported by a young and talented team, which delivers an excellent service to a select group of clients.

Our commitment is to offer a first level consultancy and defense, based on solid technical knowledge, with an innovative vision and applying the best practices and ethical standards, to give confidence to our clients, and with it being recognized by the market, as a group of professionals valued for their outstanding performance.


We are a specialized tax knowledge legal firm focus on our clients. Our prudence and creativity are professional skills to anticipate the challenges of our customers, delivering quality services suited to the needs of each one of them. Likewise, we commit ourselves with our experts in their integral and sustainable development through training policies and a culture of excellence.

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